NEBOSH Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2022

NEBOSH Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2022

We were honored to be invited to attend the NEBOSH Graduation & Awards Ceremonies which took place at Symphony Hall in Birmingham on Monday 5 September 2022 as VIP guests, accompanying our learner Kirsty Lee Rodger who had won TWO Best Candidate awards.

Normally an annual event, the Graduation was postponed in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID pandemic. This meant that 2022 was a record year – two ceremonies took place instead of one and more than 400 Diplomates and Masters holders, plus their families and friends, were in attendance to celebrate their achievements.

Among those celebrating were the winners of the 2019-20 and 2020-21 NEBOSH Best Candidate Awards, recognising the achievements of the top performing candidates for Certificate and Diploma qualifications in the year.

The raging bull from the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony welcomed us to the event.

Inside the hall we were welcomed by the NEBOSH reception team who were distributing #NEBOSHGrad2022 brochures and helping to direct the Diplomates. The brochure contained lots of useful information for the day, the names of all the Diplomates and Award Winners, and words from the guest speaker Louise Adamson.

Diplomates, families and friends also heard from guest speaker and SHP’s Most Influential Award winner 2018, Louise Adamson. Louise delivered a powerful and moving speech that shared the stories of people who had lost their lives in workplace accidents, urging Diplomates to ‘pick up the pen’ and write the story for a safer, healthier, more sustainable world.

Addressing the audience, Louise said: “You are the ones with the superhero powers, who will help ensure that when our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters, or other halves, head out to work, that it will be another stride along the road to them fulfilling their hopes and dreams. I know that no-one lives forever. But, work, it should be life-changing in a positive way. It should never ever be life-limiting or life-ending. You are key to ensuring families get to live their lives as they should….to the full!”

Our learner Kirsty Lee Rodger won The Richard Booth Award for the Best Candidate in the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety – Unit B 2019/20 and The Jim Hammer Award for the Best Candidate in the NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Unit C 2021/22.

Andy Wilkinson-Sharpe, NEBOSH Acting Chief Executive, added: “A NEBOSH qualification is so much more than a certificate. It represents learning, knowledge, confidence, respect, inspiration and much more. Above all, our learners are able to enable business activities to take place in a way that protects the safety and health of their colleagues, and the environment and communities in which they work. An achievement to be proud of.”

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