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New online verification platform for NEBOSH qualifications launched

NEBOSH urges employers to use new online verification platform in health and safety recruitment

NEBOSH has launched a new, online verification platform so that employers can quickly and easily verify the authenticity of any NEBOSH qualification – for free!

NEBOSH qualifications are highly valued by businesses to help keep employees and communities safe and healthy. In the safety profession, where lives are at stake, it’s crucial to check that potential workers hold a genuine qualification. What’s more, checking the authenticity of qualifications can help maintain the integrity of the safety profession around the world.

The NEBOSH online verification platform is available now at www.nebosh.org.uk/online-verifications.

Organisations from countries including Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Sudan, have signed up to the NEBOSH ‘Safety in our hands’ pledge, committing themselves to using the verification platform in their recruitment process for health and safety workers.

If your organisation is serious about safety, you can sign the ‘Safety in our hands’ pledge and use the verification platform to verify the NEBOSH qualifications of potential workers. On signing the pledge you’ll receive a range of resources from NEBOSH and your logo will feature on the NEBOSH website.

Make your employer pledge by visiting: www.nebosh.org.uk/employer-pledge/

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