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IOSH launches global social sustainability campaign

IOSH urges businesses to look after their workers if they want to secure long-term prosperity

IOSH today calls on the world’s businesses to harness the wave of social change by putting the needs and welfare of people first.

The call comes as the Covid-19 pandemic, the rise of social justice movements and emerging global crises mean there is now more focus than ever on how businesses treat their workers, with investors and consumers paying close attention to how they make profit.

As it launches a new global campaign on social sustainability called Catch the Wave, IOSH says business leaders, at every level of the supply chain, need to act now not just to improve the social sustainability and long-term prosperity of their own businesses – but to help build stronger, more sustainable communities around the globe.

But it’s not just about doing the right thing. Businesses with stronger sustainability practices have stronger operational performance and cashflow, with celebrated sustainability expert John Elkington saying they will benefit from a “more committed and more productive” workforce.

“Those with a stake in business are no longer interested solely in how it makes profit,” said Vanessa Harwood-Whitcher, IOSH Chief Executive. “They want to understand how its profit-making affects people and the environment. They want to know how sustainable it is.

“Before they invest in a business, investors want assurance that it has a long-term plan for managing the skills, knowledge and experience that are integral to a sustainable business model. This can’t be captured in financial metrics alone.

“And we know consumers are watching too. Increasingly, they seek reassurance that the products they buy have been made in good working conditions and by people who are treated and paid well.”

IOSH has launched Catch the Wave because it sees the occupational safety and health profession it represents as being irrevocably linked to social sustainability. It says by viewing everything through a health and safety lens, a business can not only manage the risks to its workforce but also secure its long-term prosperity.

Vanessa added: “When discussing the corporate sustainability agenda, the environment has long been the central concern. But the time has come to put people alongside planet and profit, to unlock and unleash the tremendous value that lies in a business’s workforce.

“Businesses which set high standards for the treatment of their workforce, communities and supply chains are reaping the rewards with stronger performance and growth. This is no coincidence. Social sustainability is the backbone of resilience.

“We are calling on every business and organisation to join this global movement and demonstrate to their people, their customers and investors that they are taking social sustainability seriously. Essentially, they can catch the wave with IOSH – or risk getting left behind.”

John Elkington, a leading expert and celebrated author on corporate responsibility and sustainable development, believes the campaign can make a significant impact.

He said: “[The campaign] offers businesses practical insights into the power that good occupational health and safety, when tackled from a strategic perspective, can provide to deliver better outcomes for workers around the world.

“Done right, this can help business leaders – and tomorrow’s leading businesses – to deliver on the social components of their sustainability goals. Truly regenerative capitalism starts with people – and all of us are likely to be more committed and more productive if we know that our safety, health and environmental concerns are being tackled in a timely and effective manner.”

IOSH works alongside international partners to make a long-term commitment to driving social sustainability forward. It has joined the UN Global Compact, along with more than 14,000 other organisations, all of whom are committing to align their operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption — and to take actions that advance societal goals.

Several leading businesses are already showcasing the benefits of putting people at the heart of everything they do.

They include global information and communication technology firm Fujitsu, which prides itself on creating a culture which is intolerant of accidents, incidents and poor safety performance, despite having a diverse and geographically widespread workforce.

Paul Brown, Head of Shared Services at Fujitsu, said: “Quite simply, the business recognises that to be successful it must ensure looking after its people is central to everything it does. As well as providing and maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment for all employees, promoting employee mental and physical health is also key.

“We have been working for quite some time to foster a culture that positively manifests occupational health and safety in the workplace. As part of this, we want everyone to feel accepted, nurtured and like they have an equal place within the organisation – because that’s how talent thrives and succeeds.”

IOSH is releasing an overview of social sustainability to inform business leaders, as well as a white paper which covers more technical detail to support the health and safety profession.

Further information can be found at iosh.com/catchthewave


Original article by IOSH here: https://iosh.com/more/news-listing/iosh-urges-businesses-to-look-after-their-workers-if-they-want-to-secure-long-term-prosperity/

NEBOSH cracks down on assessment cheats and fraudulent behaviour

NEBOSH Ethical Practice Report

There are no easy routes to a NEBOSH qualification. Learners have to study hard and complete rigorous assessments, demonstrating their knowledge and understanding. That’s why NEBOSH qualifications are valued by professionals and organisations around the world.

Unfortunately, some people try to cheat to gain a NEBOSH qualification. NEBOSH therefore has strict processes and dedicated experts to prevent and detect malpractice.

The first NEBOSH quarterly Ethical Practice Report (January – March 2021) gave the following overview of recent malpractice cases and the penalties and sanctions given:

The second NEBOSH quarterly Ethical Practice Report (April – June 2021) gave the following overview of recent malpractice cases and the penalties and sanctions given:

The third NEBOSH quarterly Ethical Practice Report (July – September 2021) gave the following overview of recent malpractice cases and the penalties and sanctions given:

The fourth NEBOSH quarterly Ethical Practice Report – covering October-December 2021 gave the following overview of recent malpractice cases and the penalties and sanctions given:

It also gives a quarterly overview of recent malpractice cases and the penalties and sanctions given. This issue also includes a useful explanation of the differences between malpractice and IPR infringements.

You can read all the full reports here: https://www.nebosh.org.uk/guidance/ethical-practice-report/

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management now available !

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management now available !

We are really pleased to have been approved by NEBOSH to deliver this qualification, which has the potential to benefit all companies which work in process industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals.

We can deliver this course “in-house” for you either Live Online (via Zoom) or Face-to-Face (in the classroom). Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What is it?

NEBOSH collaborated with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to develop the NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management qualification, which combines the advanced technical ‘high hazard’ expertise of HSE with NEBOSH’s ability to deliver strong vocational OSH qualifications.  It is designed to equip delegates with a broad understanding of the accepted principles and recognised industrial practices for the management of process risk. This will ensure that they can recognise and contribute to the control of process safety hazards.

It is a real pleasure to co-develop this new qualification with NEBOSH. We hope that by combining our strengths, this qualification will help to significantly improve understanding and further reduce health and safety risks in the process industries worldwide.

Karen Russ – Science and Commercial Director – Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

Who is it for?

People from all around the world who work in process industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals. It is ideal for managers, safety representatives and health and safety advisors working within the process industries, both inside and outside the UK.

It is recommended that learners should already have an underpinning knowledge of health and safety issues, and many will have gained another NEBOSH qualification.

How will it help employers?

The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety management benefits companies working in the process industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals who are seeking to implement effective process safety management.

It is used effectively by industry to help keep people safe from injury and loss of life. For employers this also means protecting valuable assets and avoiding prosecution, litigation and loss of reputation.

People who hold the NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management have practical knowledge that brings real value, wherever they operate. This can help employers achieve international standards and can even help win new business.

Course delivery

We can deliver this course “in-house” for you either Live Online (via Zoom) or Face-to-Face (in the classroom). Please contact us on info@woodwardgroup.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Find out more about the course here: https://www.woodward-group.co.uk/courses/nebosh-hse-certificate-in-process-safety-management/


New NEBOSH HSE Award in Managing Risk and Risk Assessment at Work launched !

NEBOSH and the Health and Safety Executive have launched a new risk management qualification

NEBOSH has partnered with the Health and Safety Executive to launch an introductory qualification that provides straightforward, practical health and safety risk management skills.

The NEBOSH HSE Award in Managing Risks and Risk Assessment at Work is rooted in a proportional approach to risk; it provides the fundamentals people need to build an effective approach to risk management in their workplace that focuses not only on the risk assessment itself, but on the practical actions needed to control and monitor those risks in order to protect people from harm.

Suitable for any employee or team member in a low to medium risk setting, successful learners will understand the principles of risk management, know how to identify and evaluate hazards, complete a risk assessment and be able to use simple tools to control risk. For employers they will have assurance that their employees are trained in the Health and Safety Executive’s best practice approach to health and safety risk management.

Matt Powell-Howard, NEBOSH Head of Learning and Partnerships, said:

“Risk management is about taking practical steps to protect people from real harm. It should never be a “back covering” exercise but something that can have a really positive impact on workplace health and safety. This qualification provides practical steps that anyone can take to identify, assess and control risks. We know that there are lots of demands on people’s time, that’s why we’ve really focused the content onto what really matters so that it can be completed in one day.”

Ron Macbeth, Risk Assessment Technical Lead at the Health and Safety Executive, added:

“Assessment is not the end product of risk management, and businesses should understand that the elimination or control of the assessed risks is the more important part of the overall process.  This new qualification focuses on how organisations can effectively and sustainably manage risks in a proportionate manner.”

Find out more about the course here: https://www.woodward-group.co.uk/courses/nebosh-hse-award-in-managing-risk-and-risk-assessment-at-work/

New NEBOSH National Diploma qualification launched !

New NEBOSH diploma prepares leading health and safety professionals of the future

NEBOSH, one of the world’s leading health and safety awarding bodies, has launched an updated version of its flagship Diploma qualification. The new NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals will give successful learners the knowledge and practical application they need to perform as a leading health and safety professional of the future.

This advanced health and safety qualification supports academic and career progression. The syllabus covers technical application as well as the professional skills – such as leadership and managing change – needed to help learners develop their career. Previous Diploma learners have gone on to become competent and confident practitioners – its Alumni include senior health and safety professionals for organisations such as Unilever, Shell, Ministry of Energy & Industry of Qatar, Microsoft, KiwiRail and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Developed with experts, for future experts, NEBOSH consulted over 600 people, including directors, heads of, managers and advisors from the safety profession, in the development of the new Diploma.

NEBOSH Chief Operating Officer, Dee Arp, says: “Leading health and safety professionals have the distinctive ability to combine technical know-how and practical application with soft and professional skills to really deliver effective health and safety practices. That’s why we spoke to leading professionals in the development of the qualification; our new Diploma reflects industry needs for well-rounded professionals and prepares learners for career progression.”

The NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals brings a focus to practical health and safety skills; successful learners will be able to recognise and solve everyday health and safety issues and take opportunities for improvement. Application and integration of knowledge is key, and the new assessments emphasise this by asking learners to complete a range of tasks required by professionals in the workplace.

The NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals will replace the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety. For more information about the new qualification visit: https://www.woodward-group.co.uk/courses/nebosh-national-diploma-for-occupational-health-and-safety-management-professionals/

New NEBOSH diploma course dates released !

Course Summary:

The NEBOSH National Diploma course is comprised of the following three units:

Unit ND1: 2 taught weeks + ND1 assignment
Unit ND2: 2 taught weeks + ND2 case study
Unit ND3: 2 taught weeks + ND3 case study

The cost for each unit is £1,850.00 + VAT = £2,220.00 [per learner] The price includes the course text books, additional notes, NEBOSH fees, light lunches and refreshments during the course.

Course Venue:

Energus, Blackwood Road, Lillyhall, Workington, Cumbria, CA14 4JW.

Course Dates:

NEBOSH National Diploma for OH&S Mgmt Professionals – Unit ND1 [Ref: 21/07/06]
Workington, Cumbria
Week 1: Monday 19 July 21 to Friday 23 July 21
Week 2: Monday 16 August 21 to Friday 20 August 21
[10 days]

+ ND1 OBE Assignment: Wednesday 08 September 21 to Wednesday 20 October 21


NEBOSH National Diploma for OH&S Mgmt Professionals – Unit ND2 [Ref: 21/09/09]
Workington, Cumbria
Week 1: Monday 27 September 21 to Friday 01 October 21
Week 2: Monday 25 October 21 to Friday 29 October 21
[10 days]

+ ND2 OBE Case Study: Wednesday 10 November 21 to Wednesday 08 December 21


NEBOSH National Diploma for OH&S Mgmt Professionals – Unit ND3 [Ref: 21/11/05]
Workington, Cumbria
Week 1: Monday 22 November 21 to Friday 26 November 21
Week 2: Monday 13 December 21 to Friday 17 December 21
[10 days]

+ ND3 OBE Case Study: Thursday 13 January 22 to Thursday 10 February 22



New online verification platform for NEBOSH qualifications launched

NEBOSH urges employers to use new online verification platform in health and safety recruitment

NEBOSH has launched a new, online verification platform so that employers can quickly and easily verify the authenticity of any NEBOSH qualification – for free!

NEBOSH qualifications are highly valued by businesses to help keep employees and communities safe and healthy. In the safety profession, where lives are at stake, it’s crucial to check that potential workers hold a genuine qualification. What’s more, checking the authenticity of qualifications can help maintain the integrity of the safety profession around the world.

The NEBOSH online verification platform is available now at www.nebosh.org.uk/online-verifications.

Organisations from countries including Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Sudan, have signed up to the NEBOSH ‘Safety in our hands’ pledge, committing themselves to using the verification platform in their recruitment process for health and safety workers.

If your organisation is serious about safety, you can sign the ‘Safety in our hands’ pledge and use the verification platform to verify the NEBOSH qualifications of potential workers. On signing the pledge you’ll receive a range of resources from NEBOSH and your logo will feature on the NEBOSH website.

Make your employer pledge by visiting: www.nebosh.org.uk/employer-pledge/

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Adapted from the original article posted on the NEBOSH website here:


Winning work with Sellafield Ltd !

All the team at Woodward are really excited to have been awarded this LINC challenge to deliver NEBOSH training courses for Sellafield Ltd.

We delivered our first closed / in-house training course for Sellafield [then BNFL] delegates at Summergrove in 1995 and we have worked closely with Sellafield ever since.

We are looking forward to being able to continue this excellent relationship through the LINC with Sellafield scheme.




The first Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Technician Apprenticeship in Cumbria

National Apprenticeship Week 2021.

At Woodward SHE Ltd we are really proud to be partnering with Lakes College to deliver the first Level 3 Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Technician Apprenticeship programe in Cumbria.

‘Build the Future’ is the theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2021, taking place this week (8-14 February) across England. The initiative aims to encourage everyone to consider how apprenticeships help individuals to build the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career. A new cohort of apprentices recently started studying for the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Technician Apprenticeship at Lakes College in Workington, Cumbria.

You can read the full article in IOSH Magazine here:


Coronavirus Update – Friday 8th January 2021

Coronavirus Update – Friday 8th January 2021

I’m sorry to say that following the announcement of a new national lockdown by the Prime Minister on Monday evening, our planned schedule of open/public classroom-based training courses has been suspended.

From what the government have announced we expect to be in a national lockdown until at least the 15th February, with significant restrictions remaining in place until early March. Based on that information we are going to plan for restarting delivery of face-to-face training in the w/c Mon 08 March 21, assuming it is safe to do so.

To protect the health of our learners, tutors and support staff we are cancelling all our planned open/public classroom-based courses from now until the end of February 2021.

We are in the process of contacting all the affected learners and offering them transfers to later course dates. If you believe your course booking has been affected by these cancellations and you have not received an e-mail from us by 4:00pm on Friday 15 January 2021, please e-mail Tom on Tom@woodwardgroup.co.uk for an update.

Our open classroom-based training courses starting on or after Monday 08 March 2021 are currently running as planned. We are accepting bookings for these courses via the normal channels although email [to tom@woodwardgroup.co.uk] is presently the preferred method.

Contacting Us

In-line with the current government guidance we have asked all our staff to work from home where possible. This means that our offices are only going to be open sporadically for the time being and we will only be able to answer telephone calls (and check any voice messages) at those times.

The quickest and most reliable way to contact us will be to e-mail your existing Woodward contact, who will respond as soon as they are able.

If you don’t have a specific contact, please send any queries you may have by e-mail to our info@woodwardgroup.co.uk address and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Ongoing Updates

Should there be any further changes to our operations or procedures, we will keep this page updated with the most current information.

Stay safe and look after each other.

Building a Future – Post Lockdown NEBOSH Construction Exam Success

We started delivering Covid-19 secure classroom based training courses at the end of August.

Our first post-lockdown NEBOSH Construction Certificate course at Energus in Workington may have only been a small group of learners, but they achieved an impressive 100% pass rate on both assessments.

Congratulations to all of our learners on their excellent achievement ! 🎉

All of our upcoming course dates can be found on our website here: