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From The Navy To NEBOSH

Chief Petty Officer Mark Campbell reflects on his recent NEBOSH Resettlement Package training experience with Woodward in an article in Pathfinder magazine.



Our delegates regularly win awards for their success with us, several have even won the highly sought after NEBOSH Best Candidate Awards. Click here for more details.


Thank you [tutor] for ensuring I was well prepared for my recent NEBOSH exam. You certainly impressed on me what I had to do and I really did admire how you changed and adapted your teaching style to meet individuals learning styles as and when required. Fantastic delivery of a very difficult subject from you whilst also looking after everyone’s wellbeing – especially when some of the subject matter got heavy.

Mark Ducie
Watch Manager – CF&RS Community Safety Manager | Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service & Resilience | Cumbria County Council

A letter from Gary McCrae – Q. A. Manager, WB Alloys Ltd.

Good afternoon all,

Please may I re-introduce myself and explain that I am writing to you, on behalf of my fellow students and myself, who recently had the pleasure of attending the NEBOSH National General Certificate at Project H&S Services Ltd in Hamilton between the 16th of November and the 11th of December.

Despite the initial pessimism that seemed to pervade the class on the day of the induction, from the 12 or so students including myself, the two weeks we spent on that site were, although daunting, very fulfilling. The professionalism of [the tutor] throughout that induction and first week, then Alec Bryson and Jill Gill on the second week and finally James Duggan on the day of the second exam to explain the details of the practical were above and beyond what most of us had experienced previously.

Like most of the guys in the class, being in our late 30s onwards, we have a raft of qualifications between us, both academic and professional, and thus are well placed to comment on the output of the Woodward Group throughout the period detailed above.

Although, the intensity of the class and the volume of material we covered was quite substantial, it was covered in a very informal style which relaxed the students, leading in my view, to a better learning environment. The handouts we received were concise and articulate and covered the main points of study. The internal question and answer sessions were light hearted and no-one felt under pressure or compelled to get involved unless they felt they had or wanted to contribute. Of course, as confidence grew everyone was not only contributing but on occasion, competing.

Overall, I wish to convey a big thank you to all those involved in making an essentially demanding course an equally enjoyable one. I have forwarded the details of Woodward Group to our parent company, PCT, and advised that all further training should be arranged by yourselves. I can pay no further compliment than that and am sure my fellow students would re-iterate my comments.

Good luck in all your further endeavours and hope to see you guys in 2016 for the diploma.


From Christopher Clark – SAC Clark, RAF Waddington

I recently attended a bundle of four NEBOSH courses for my resettlement with yourselves and I have finally received all my results in which I gained credits in all 4 of my courses. I’d like to thank everyone at Woodward for providing an amazing environment to learn in and the opportunity to develop new skills.
I’d like to especially thank both tutors who in my opinion were amazing instructors and extremely helpfully using all their experiences to help me learn and which they shared openly.
Doing the courses has also helped me gain employment back in Cumbria where I’m originally from. This will help me immensely with my transition from military life into civilian employment after spending the majority of my life in the military. I couldn’t have gained this opportunity without the knowledge I now have from all my NEBOSH certificates.
Once I have my feet firmly back on the ground in my new role I will be looking to advance onto the NEBOSH Diploma and there is only one company that I can see myself ever using for my professional development and that’s yourselves. Thank you for all the support and guidance.



From Sgt Tony Delaney, SNCO Disposals, Logistics Support Squadron, RAF Leuchars

I would like to thank you for the service Woodward have provided and through completing the NEBOSH qualifications I have received full time employment on leaving the Services. I wish you and your team all the best for the future and have already fully recommended you to my colleagues.


From Victoria Thorpe, Fleet Certified Instructor – Technical Training, Heysham Power Stations.

Could you please pass on my thanks to the tutoring team. I am really please with my result and they all played a big part in that, from the excellent tutors to James dealing with NEBOSH on my behalf regarding my dyslexia.
So basically a big THANK YOU to everyone, I would not have got a distinction without you.

From Barry Kitchen, Seatruck

I started my NEBOSH course with Woodward on the 24th March 2014 (week 1), the course is designed in 2 parts and is split up with a week away from it in the middle, my second week and test week started on 7th April 2014. 

This way of teaching for myself worked well, the break in the middle was perfect enough for time away and study in your own time.

The tutors between both courses where very knowledgeable and above all understanding towards the gaol all candidates wanted to reach.

I can only thank them. Very professional from start to finish, Woodward I thank you.

From Dave Downing , WO2, SPSI, 160 Transport Regiment

Thank you for your help and support in getting me through the NEBOSH modules I have studied with Woodward.  From start to finish it has only been the course content that has confused me, and the military claim system, but everything else has been smooth running.

All the best for the future and if I do have to see you again I hope it’s not for the environmental re sit.

From Dorothy Christie

I recently attended a NEBOSH General certificate course at Woodward Carlisle. I am writing this to say thank you to all involved in the course from the Tutors, to the Admin staff, to the Caterers, everyone was so pleasant and welcoming. The premises and classrooms are excellent and well maintained.

The course itself was intense but thanks to the staff I passed with a Credit. I really enjoyed all the classroom sessions they were made easier by the interaction with the Tutors. This interaction enabled our group to become a friendly unit who passed on knowledge to each other.

The staff at Woodward were very friendly and helpful even down to ordering taxis for me to get to the train station, nothing was too much trouble.

I will be recommending Woodward to others at my place of work and hopefully in the near future I will return to complete further courses.

So well done Woodward and thank you for all your help with my NEBOSH.


From Alan Coughtrie, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

I would like take this opportunity to thank the tutors for the wonderful instruction which allowed me to get a distinction for my NEBOSH course which I attended back in March a Gullane, she made the fortnight enjoyable to everyone on the course and delivered in a relaxed and informative manner which allowed me to absorb the massive amount of information involved.

I would also like to thank Eck and Tom for their delivery and James for his assistance and support he gave me for the practical paper as well as calming my nerves on exam day.

All in all thank you very much for a great experience and all the best to all of you for the future.

From Joe Ronald, Crew Commander Scottish Fire & Rescue service

I have just returned from the Scottish Fire Service College after attending a IOSH course delivered by one of your company colleagues,

To be honest I was not the most excited person on Tuesday morning when i arrived as i had little interest in anything related with health & safety and was attending due to requirements rather than choice.

How ever after the input and tutorial style and standard delivered by the trainer I had a very enjoyable and educational 4 day course. The trainer kept, in my pre course opinion, a very dry subject course informative and enjoyable.

May i pass on to your organization my gratitude and my appreciation for the professional and courteous delivery of this IOSH course.