NEBOSH Ethical Practice Report (July-September 2023)

There are no easy routes to a NEBOSH qualification. Learners have to study hard and complete rigorous assessments, demonstrating their knowledge and understanding. That’s why NEBOSH qualifications are valued by professionals and organisations around the world.

Unfortunately, some people try to cheat to gain a NEBOSH qualification. NEBOSH therefore has strict processes and dedicated experts to prevent and detect malpractice.

NEBOSH has recently updated its Malpractice Policy to add clarification about the use of AI in assessment answers and has implemented additional checks for these into their systems.

This edition of the NEBOSH quarterly Ethical Practice Report (July – September 2023) gave the following overview of recent malpractice cases and the penalties and sanctions given:

If you have any evidence about possible malpractice, please report it to NEBOSH at:

All of the past Ethical Practice Reports can be downloaded from the NEBOSH website here: