Michael’s Story ~ told by his sister Louise

A health and safety campaigner and guest speaker has released a series of videos calling on employers to make positive changes to mark what should have been the year leading up to her brother’s 40th birthday.

In the videos, Louise Taggart talks about her electrician brother, Michael Adamson, who was electrocuted at work in 2005 and she outlines what employers can do to improve health and safety at work.



Louise has made these short videos publicly available and has asked that, should you wish to use them in your own workplace or training provision, you make a donation to Scottish Hazards to aid their preventative work. Donate here

Louise’s mission

 Louise hopes the videos will prompt leaders to reflect on their effectiveness, reinvigorate for line managers and supervisors the role they must play in enabling and driving safe behavioursandl give people the courage to speak up when they see something unsafe.

She has also released the videos to help raise money for the health and safety charity Scottish Hazards and to mark International Workers’ Memorial Day.

 I’m on a mission to ensure that lessons are learned from my wee brother’s death so that others are able to return home safe and sound to their loved ones at the end of each and every working day or night.” Louise Taggart

To find out more about Michael’s Story visit www.michaels-story.net