Lone Worker Special Reports

Lone Worker Special Reports

In a series of four feature articles published this month IOSH Magazine explores a whole range of Health and Safety issues relating to Lone Workers.

Lone worker Special: Going equipped

From simple local alarms to body-worn video, lone worker systems now offer a variety of ways to signal for help in a crisis. https://www.ioshmagazine.com/article/lone-worker-special-going-equipped


Lone worker Special: Lone but not alone

Reduced contact with remote and lone workers makes supporting their wellbeing and spotting early symptoms of mental health problems harder. https://www.ioshmagazine.com/article/lone-worker-special-lone-not-alone


Lone worker Special: The detection connection

Mobile technology allows better than ever support for workers carrying gas detectors. https://www.ioshmagazine.com/article/lone-worker-special-detection-connection


Lone worker Special: Field studies

With more people working alone than ever, training has to keep pace if staff are to manage new and more complex risk. https://www.ioshmagazine.com/article/lone-worker-special-field-studies